NAC Airships, Health and Concern: What to Understand about It

Have you ever heard about NAC airship, health and concern? In the event that you aren’t familiar with the term, you may be more familiar with the so-called Zeppelin, the big balloon used for transportation as well as advertisement.

The first usage of the Zeppelin was dated back to the beginning of the 19th century – when the air transportation was used to transport people and also cargo. So, what about the airship, anyway?

About NAC Airship

NAC airship was the short for Nippon Airship Corporation where they first started to operate the commercial flight with passengers. It dated back to 2005 – to be exact, on the 15th of January 2005 – when the first flight was made between Kobe and Nagoya.

Afterward the airship has developed new creation and innovation when the airship has been used in the business industry – as the flying ads. So, what about the NAC airship, health and concern, anyway?

The Airships: Perks and Flaws

Today’s industry has seen it potential to use the airship for air advertorial platform. Imagine this: you are looking up at the sky and there it is, a huge balloon with attractive colors and fonts, stating the brands or corporations it represents.

For a lot of business owners, the airship provides effective advertisement means. However, you should remember that the airships are slower than the regular jet. S

o, if you are looking for a fast mean of advertisement or transportation, the airships are definitely not the perfect option. But on the positive notes, the airships are great because:

  • They can cover greater and wider area.
  • Not to mention that they are somewhat cooler than the regular ads on billboards or TV commercials.
  • Now, with the new possibility of airship hybrid, the NAC airship, health and concern can be limited.

The New Technology

The newer hybrid system comes with newer ACLS (Air Cushion Landing System) and advanced flight control, making it possible to have flexible, affordable, and safe flight – even in remote areas. And unlike other means of transportations that are using fossil fuels, the airship is using gas and air.

What is its significance to the environment? Well, because there is no fossil fuel to burn, it won’t create any harmful or dangerous emission that can harm the environment.

The early studies have shown that the footprint of the airship has been very little and low – almost nothing. But that’s stil the early data. It needs further research and studies to really understand the NAC airship, health and concern impact for humans and also for the environment.

Credit : Buku Mimpi 2D