Green Tea Benefits For Your Daily Drink

Green tea known has long been known as a substitute morning beverages like coffee, mocca, red tea, etc. which is healthier because it is low caffeine content and contains a very powerful natural antioxidant called polyphenols.

Antioxidant also known good for your healthier body, as kind of green tea benefits antioxidant help nourish the body, skin, hair, and also help inhibit the growth of cancer cells. A healthy choice because it is processed from the Camelia sinensis leaves and only steamed thus preventing the loss of catechin content.

Drink it in every you start your day, you will get so many benefits for your body.

Green tea benefits are like weight control, really good for you who in healthy diet, refreshing breath, and also controlling cholesterol.

What a really nice mate if drink these green tea when you eat something heavy such as meat. Then green tea also can reduce allergic reactions, healthier your hair, manage diabetes, manage blood pressure, and prevent platelet aggregation. For you whoever have high blood pressure symptoms, drink green tea every datasgp morning is suggested. And for prospective mother, it is really good for your pregnancy. Beside that, another benefits are like prevent arthritis and skin cancer, reduce stress and depression, improve your immunity, also can reduce asthma symptoms, nourish your liver, and as prevention and treatment of neurological disease.

Now, Green tea has become very popular in around the world; even it becomes a trend for any variety food and beverages, followed by cosmetics are now widely made from green tea benefits extract. Several scientific studies around the world have found that those who drink green tea regularly are at lower risk of heart disease and even cancer.

For addition, green tea content with flavonoids as phytochemicals which found in plant products that have antioxidative and anticarcinogenic properties.