An Easy Homemade Healthy Drink For Your Daily Routine

Infused water is a drink which origin from Spanish called aguas frescas. These drinks usually contain a mixture of fruits, flowers, grains, and sweeteners like sugar, honey, or agave syrup.

Now the infused water that you know may seem lighter because usually only a mixture of water, fruits, herbs, and spices only. Its claimed to lose weight, help detox, and to improve health as a whole.

Although the truth of this matter has not been scientifically proven, but trend of infused water can help maintain your health.

The benefits of infused water are for detoxification, if you mix a lemon with hot water can stimulate gastrointestinal movement thus helping to smooth digestion.

An Easy Homemade Healthy Drink For Your Daily Routine

Beside that, infused water also can for constipation. And can use as hydration of regular water substitute, if you are accustomed to drinking soft drinks, you can try infused water.

Flavors of infused water may not be as strong as soft drinks, but infused water can be an alternative to drinking ingredients that have fewer calories or even barely calories. Then infused water can use as a healthy way of taking vitamins.

If you decide to make infused water, you can choose kind of fruits such as oranges, lemons, strawberries, apples, mangos, or limes.

These fruits can be supplemented with spices or herbs such as parsley, ginger, mint leaf, lemongrass, and cinnamon. Soaked all if these ingredients for about one to two hours with room temperature or three to four hours in the refrigerator.

Then after four hour, you can remove ingredients from infused water to prevent the fruits from decaying in the water.

Remember to store those infused water in the refrigerator and you are advised to spend the infused water less than three days or even in the same day. Drink the infused water immediately if not store in the refrigerator.